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11 PCS Wooden Rainbow Semi Circle

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Create a rainbow-filled world for your little ones and delight them with this gorgeous wooden semi-circle rainbow set.

Compatible with our entire ‘rainbow’ play range, these colorful pieces can be used alone or combined to create magical open-ended play spaces.

These semi-circles are a perfect introduction for younger children who are just starting to learn about shapes and colors. Watch as they design and build to their hearts’ content, creating castles and walkways for little rainbow characters.

These lovely playsets offer the opportunity at every playtime for your toddler to exercise fine motor skills and work on problem-solving skills. Where do they need to stack their little circle pieces, where do their little figurines need to go?

No playtime will be the same, and each time will be another opportunity to create new patterns and designs. As they practice sorting their shapes, they will also develop their vocabulary as they name each color.

Our rainbow semi-circle playsets are perfect toys if you are looking for sets that can “grow” with your children. While younger ones will first start exploring the look and feel of the semis, older toddlers will enjoy creating more intricate spaces, which means they will keep on enjoying a wonderland filled with color for years to come.


Size: 37cm x 18.5cm x 0.5cm

Number of pcs: 11

Weight: 1 KG

Color: Same as Pictures

Box type: Brown Box

Recommended Age: 36+ Months


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