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32 Pieces Large Numbers

These beautiful number blocks are your ultimate mathematical tool during early education years, for assisting and empowering your little ones of several ages to develop a deep understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fraction. It allows your little ones to discover maths on their own terms through engaging hands-on play.

Each numeral is proportional in its size to the value of the number, which greatly helps in visualizing how number works – number 2 is twice as tall as number 1, and number 8 is 4 times as tall as number 2.

Benefits of playing stacking number blocks:

  • Hand-eye coordination – Kids learn how to pick up a shape or block and then let it go again
  • Cause and effect learning – the “what happens if I do this” piece of learning is very important, and sets in motion for later years the understanding of consequences. 
  • Shape & number identification – not only can it help children learn the names of the shapes and number but also their characteristics such as what they feel like and how many sides they have
  • Motor Skill Development – The manipulation of pieces requires considerable motor skills, and these toys give ample opportunities to develop this skill.
  • Problem-solving skills – your child will learn how to try different ways of manipulating objects and try different strategies
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Language skills
  • A capacity for creative, divergent thinking
  • Social Competence
  • Engineering skills
  • Mathematics
  • Research suggests that kids benefit when construction play incorporates additional elements, including building from templates, engaging in 
  • cooperative projects, and talking with others about spatial relationships. 

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