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Wooden Coffee Machine

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This pretend play coffee set contains a wooden coffee making machine, where you can put the coffee beans and insert the coffee pot under. Once the coffee is made, your kids can pretend to play by pouring the coffee into two cups. Now they can drink and enjoy it with their friends.

The Coffee maker toy is more than just becoming a little barista. It is just the perfect choice for parents who want to give their kids an early learning toy that is relatable, fun, and easy to use. 

This coffee set turns out to be engaging and fun-loving for kids as it helps them to think about something realistic which they see around – Spoons, cups, every morning tea/ coffee. It also promotes the kid’s interactive and communication skills when they play with their friends and family. The coffee set also teaches kids table etiquettes like how to hold a cup and use a spoon. Moreover, the coffee maker’s vibrant colors allow children to identify and remember them.

Product Details:

  • Learn Through Play: The amazing toy coffee is a fabulous accessory to your little one’s toy kitchen set. It looks similar to that of a real coffee machine. This role-play coffee machine toy is meant to develop symbolic thinking, enhance creativity and foster cognitive thinking. Role-play toys also build communication skills as the kids try to pretend to be a chef, negotiate with friends ad siblings, and play with the toys.About The Coffee Maker: This prep and serve toy kitchen set contains a premium wooden coffee maker with a clamp and adjuster. This coffee set includes two wooden spoons, one coffee pot with a lid, and two cups along with a top. The whole collection is made of attractive colors and bright material. It is easy to hold and carry.Material: The entire coffee maker set is made of high-quality wood for longevity. Its soft and kid-safe kitchen accessories are easy to handle, feature rounded edges and non-toxic colors and prints. We ensure child safety in all the materials we use to build a toy.


  • Color Scheme: Low saturation macaron colour scheme makes the toy attractiveQuality: This perfectly finished, high-quality wood, water based paints and glue, makes this toy safe for small kids.Learn Through Play:
    This role-play coffee machine toy is meant to develop symbolic thinking, enhance creativity, foster cognitive thinking.

Skill Development:

  • Creative Thinking
    Cognitive Flexibility
    Spatial Reasoning

Recommended Age: 3+ Years


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